It is divided into 5 Parts based on how adults learn and make changes. At the conclusion of each part are activities to make this a practical work book leading to your success in healthy living.

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Eating for Energy and Ecstasy 

...offers a fresh attitude about eating and helps you feel good about yourself. It leads you to a deeper, richer, more sensitively seductive view of food and of life.

It beckons your curiosity, entices your senses, and fills you with anticipation, as it helps you find the balance between science and your own gut sense about food.

It's about enjoying yourself -- giving yourself permission for pleasure

It encourages self-acceptance, replacing fear and guilt about food with a feeling of freedom.

You are reminded that food is comforting, nourishing, loving and fun -- what we knew when we were kids! 

It's about taking time to savour food with the pleasure and passion of all your senses

You learn how to sensitize your senses and take time to savor food.

The description of how your senses work intensifies the pleasure of eating. And the playful attitude makes food more fascinating.

It's about helping others:

A portion of the proceeds from Eating for Energy and Ecstasy will be donated to the DARE Arts Foundation, an educational program assisting inner city children to develop motivation and self-esteem through experiencing the arts.

It's about adult learning:

The book is written in five parts based on the five stages of how adults learn new skills: Awareness, Observing, Participating, and then Confronting and Reflecting on embedded habits and attitudes. As we learn to question our assumptions, we progress to learn how to eat--and live for energy and ecstasy.

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